Connecting the World from the Sky

March 28, 2014

Connecting the world is one of the fundamental challenges of our time. To connect everyone in the world, we need to invent new technologies that can solve some of the physical barriers to connectivity. That’s why Facebook is investing in building technologies to deliver new types of connectivity on the ground, in the air and in space.

Yesterday Facebook announced details of how its Connectivity Lab is working to connect the world from the sky with drones, satellites and lasers.

Today, we’re sharing some thoughts from Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, on the Connectivity Lab’s approach here and progress achieved with to date.

These are rough thoughts and are not meant to be a formal technical paper, but offer more detail for those who are interested.

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Mark Zuckerberg announces a team at Facebook that has been working on new technologies to improve and extend internet access. The Connectivity Lab team is developing platforms for connectivity on the ground, in the air and in orbit.

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