Improving App and Network Performance in Indonesia

More than 85% of the world’s population lives in areas with existing cellular coverage, yet only about 30% of the total population accesses the internet. So for most people, the barrier to connectivity isn’t a signal, it’s the ability to afford data. Developers can play a key role in bringing down the cost of the internet by building more data efficient apps for communities where data is less accessible. To help address this, Facebook hosted an developer workshop with Ericsson and XL Axiata, in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the event, developers worked alongside engineers from Facebook, Ericsson and XL to optimize the performance of their apps and make them more efficient. Developers also had the opportunity to test their apps and measure user experience under local network conditions. Earlier this year, Facebook launched a series of hackathons with Ericsson focused on improving data efficiency, which led to the creation of the Innovation Lab, a space that will give developers the ability to test their apps in real world environments at Facebook’s headquarters. In addition to building apps that use less data, we need more efficient infrastructure to serve people in low bandwidth areas. This means improving network performance so more people can benefit from being connected. Over the last year, Facebook worked with Ericsson and XL Axiata in Indonesia to create a methodology to analyze, monitor and improve end-to-end network performance using simulated Facebook application use cases. Through this process, the group identified user-impacting issues and addressed them throughout the network. The network-wide adjustments delivered up to 70 percent improvement in network performance from the user perspective. We now know that it is possible to increase network performance using existing network resources, which is key to helping close the connectivity gap. You can learn more about the project in an white paper released today titled, “Measuring and improving network performance – an analysis of network and application research, testing and optimization.” Part of’s mission is to work across the industry to cultivate and share learnings. Thanks to this research, we now have a replicable model for analyzing, measuring and improving network performance that can be applied to any mobile network. This will help operators cost-effectively target network improvements to the areas that affect users most, which means greater utility for the two thirds of the world not yet connected. Read the full white paper.

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