Introducing New Tools for Free Basics Developers

April 12, 2016


Today at F8 we are announcing two new tools for Free Basics developers. We launched the Free Basics Platform in September to any developer whose service meets basic participation and technical criteria, and we now have more than 500 services available worldwide. Developers building for the Free Basics Platform play a crucial role in shaping the experiences people have when they come online through Free Basics.

Free Basics Simulator

Because Free Basics optimizes for browsing on older devices and with limited bandwidth, developers must adapt their services to perform under these constraints. Now, developers can use the Free Basics Simulator to test their websites early and often, which will make the submission process easier and more efficient. Any developer can access and use the Free Basics Simulator on the Free Basics Platform website. We hope the Free Basics Simulator will serve as a useful resource for developers looking to keep hardware and network constraints in mind as they build for the next billion people coming online. image

Demographic Insights for Developers

We are also launching Demographic Insights for developers so they can better understand the types of people using their services on Free Basics. Starting today, Free Basics developers can go to the Content Partner Portal and see distributions by age range and gender of the people using their services, both overall and by country level. This information is anonymized and aggregated, and will help developers build better experiences by giving them a better sense of who their audience is. Developers can use demographic information of their users on Free Basics across countries to tailor their content for relevant populations. For instance, developers might learn that the majority of people using their service in a particular country are women, or that the majority are between 25-34 years old. With this understanding of their users, developers can tailor the content and product experience of their Free Basics service accordingly. image (1) We are dedicated to providing tools for developers building for the Free Basics Platform. We partnered with Ericsson to launch the Innovation Lab, which helps developers understand how their apps work in different parts of the world. Last March, we announced Augmented Traffic Control, an open source technology that simulates network conditions. And we’ve partnered with organizations like the Praekelt Foundation and NASCOMM to provide developers with support and resources as they build their services for Free Basics. The Free Basics Simulator and Demographic Insights are the newest tools in this suite of resources for developers who want to build for the next wave of people coming online.

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