Announcing the launch of Free Basics in Nigeria

May 10, 2016

jobberman015Today we’re partnering with Airtel Africa to launch Free Basics in Nigeria.

Free Basics provides basic mobile websites and services for free to people around the world, providing them with an onramp to the internet and demonstrating the value the internet can provide. Free Basics will launch in Nigeria with more than 85 free services dedicated to health, education, jobs, and finance.

To date, we estimate that our connectivity efforts, which include Free Basics, have brought more than 25 million people online who wouldn’t be otherwise. More than half of the 40 Free Basics countries are in Africa.

In November at AfricaCom, Airtel announced that it planned to launch Free Basics in all of its African markets, including Nigeria. You can read that announcement here.

Mark posted about our launch in Nigeria today: you can read more here.

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